Choosing a Home Based Business

by Chuck Pounds

You want to start your own home based business. But, there are so many different ones. Some are legitimate, some aren’t. Since the purpose of you starting a business is to make money and free up some time eventually, you certainly don’t want to waste your time and money on a scam. So, what do you look for when starting your own work from home business? The following is a list of just a few things to look for in a home based business opportunity.

- One thing to look for is a stable opportunity. Look for a business that has been around for a while. At least 3 years or more with a good track record of success. I’m not saying that there aren’t new opportunities that are not worthwhile but I always like to know the business has been successful. Also, a stable company will usually let you join for free so that you can take a more detailed look at it before you invest your time and money into it.

- What product(s) will you be offering to others? Is it something that most people need, use, or would want? More importantly, is it something you need, would use, or want? Do you have a wide varity of products to promote or a members mall to buy from and save or wholesale, if you choose. It is impossible to market a product that you don’t use, because if you don’t use it, how can you convince anybody else to use it? Also, keep in mind that most times, you will be selling the opportunity as well, so you need to be convinced that it works before you can convince others.

- How much does it cost to join this opportunity? It should be free to join with the option to upgrade or open other lines of revenue. How much is it going to cost to market your product? How does the compensation plan work? You should be able to understand it or at least someone should be able to explain it well so that you don't miss out. How long does it usually take before I at least break even? Compare what you will be spending to the money making potential of the business.

- The next step is to make sure you will get the training you need to get the word out that you have that product and opportunity. Nothing is more discouraging than having something to sell, a business to promote, something that will benefit others, and not know how to advertise it. Make sure your business gives you ideas on how to market your product. It’s even better if they show you how to do it, but not do it for you. Look for ways to get people to join you while your business is growing, an advertising co-op is a great way to get going.

- This goes along with the training you will get from your business. Can you get in contact with others in the business that have been successful(email, discussion boards, forums)? It’s nice to know the path others have taken to become successful in your business. They can give you helpful ideas and they can help you avoid some of the pitfalls they have encountered. It is really nice if the opportunity has a message board so that you can get ideas on how to start, how to promote and advertise, and how to respond to others as they join your business.

Earning Potential
- How great of a potential is there to make money in the business? After all, that is the bottom line, isn’t it, to make money? No "get rich quick" claims, but should be able to make a great income with some time and effort

- Is the company listed with the Better Business Bureau? Is it backed by other organizations? Maybe it has a parent company, check it out also. Is it listed with the Better Business Bureau as well. Businesses with a parent company will not want the reputation of not be worth while because that also reflects on that Parent company as well. You can usually bet that it's doing well. Of course their are a few that don't care. They are usually easy to spot. Investigate.

- Is the business a global opportunity? In other words, can it be done anywhere? You don't want to be tied to one market area. Ex: Can it be done in any country around the world (the almighty internet lets you do this)? Don't tie yourself just to the Unitied States or Canada, explore! Think about it, "Kids, I have to do some business in England today, give me 30 minutes", as you sit at YOUR desk in YOUR home office.

- Are you in control? Can you promote online as well as offline? Do you have to do things in certain places or certain ways? You should be in full control of your home business that way you can say it is YOUR home business. Of course their are some legal things to be aware of, but that's part of any business.

There are other things that you can look for. These are just some basic things that we look for when trying to find just the right work at home business to place our time and money into. But, I believe if you will use these basics as a starting point, you will be in good shape on making a decision. Their are many business opportunities out there to choose from, look them over, see what is right for you.

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