Duplicating your Efforts

by Chuck Pounds

Everybody wants to succeed on the Internet, but most don't know how to do it. So, how is it done? Thru duplication. Lets discuss that for a bit.

There are many forms of duplication on the Internet. Some would think cloning themself to double their efforts (if it was just that simple). Or maybe having two computers and try to run them both at the same time.

Some of those methods include multiple websites, browsers with more than one window, surfing more than one exchange at a time, chain letters and the list goes on. But the one most forget about or don't know is training others to do what you do.

The first thing you should ask yourself is can you be trained to run a business on the Internet? If you are willing to learn from someone that is making money on the Internet and apply what you learn to make money in your business, then you can teach others to do what you do. Hence, duplication.

The process can be time consuming and at times overwhelming, but very rewarding in the long run. This is the most important part of successfully running a business on the Internet so you are not spending all of your time in front of the monitor.

Now, I'm not saying that it's an easy task. But a rewarding task to get you up and running. Let's look at a few areas that will be important.

Do you know how to market on the Internet to get the best results?

Marketing on the Internet can get frustrating and time consuming. Teaching others how to do it effectively can take you places.

Does your business reward those that are putting forth the effort and making something happen?

To many opportunities and programs will advise you to spend your money, give you a website and tell you to get others to do the same. Where are the products? How about the commission? Any bonuses for certain levels?

Are you willing to spend time getting to know others?

People like to know who they are working with. If they get to know you a trust will build. Try not to discuss business all the time. Find some of their likes and dislikes. What kind of personality do they have?

These are just some of the important aspects of your business that you want to look at and apply. Of course there are many other things that you can duplicate thru others to build your business and theirs.

Remember, the process of duplication can take you and the people you help to great rewards. It will make everybodys efforts easier and less time consuming.

Duplicate yourself thru others.

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