Using Forums and Groups

by Chuck Pounds

Everybody looks for new ways to communicate on the Internet. Whether it be email, Instant Message or chat rooms. Although they can be fun and entertaining should you use these methods to promote your business?

In a simple answer, yes and no. Let me explain more. We all know that email can be your most important tool on the Internet, as long as it is not abused or miss used.

If used correctly, email can be your most powerful tool in your box. Use it wisely and you can profit by letting them know who you are, what you do and in what way you can help them. (Like you see here)

Don't leave out your contact information. If somebody can't get in touch with you in any way, you are likely not going to be taken seriously, or worse, labeled a spammer.

Instant message can also be a great tool. You have to be a little more careful with this tool. Would you want your IM tool popping up in front of what you are doing? Not when it's from somebody I don't know.

The best way to use your IM is in your group(s). It can be a way for your associates or partners to reach you for a walk thru or even to get to know each other on a personal basis.

Chat rooms should never be used in any type of business. Most even tell you in their terms and conditions NOT FOR ADVERTISING OR PROMOTIONS. Enough said.

News Groups, Community Forums, Discussion Boards and Groups (Yahoo,MSN,Google,etc) are among the arsonal that you should include in promoting your business and website.

Why? Many forums and discussion boards are started to learn where, when and how to promote, build a website and other useful information.

This is a place you can post questions and learn from more experienced marketers. After some experience of your own, you will find yourself answering some of those posts. Before you know it your creditability grows and you earn the trust of others.

Be careful not to spam the boards, your intentions are to help others and help others by helping yourself thru knowledge. The most powerful tool you can have.

Remember to always identify yourself and give some way to contact you in a timely fashion.

For a free forum that you can build yourself or to participate with others visit the Adland Pro Communities Here

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