Why you Should Write Articles

by Chuck Pounds

Perhaps one of the most effective means of wide exposure for free is to write articles and comments for targeted newsletters published by others.

Now you are probably thinking, I don't know how to write articles!

If you write letters to your family or even friends, you can come up with something you would like to share with others on the internet.

What have you experienced that has helped or even hurt your online experience? Maybe there's something you want to know yourself, do the research and publish the findings for everybody to see.

The core benefits of this are:

- you are reaching subscriber lists that others have built

- you are putting your name and url "out there" and can establish and reinforce your credibility with well written topical articles and comment.

We believe the Adland Digest to be the best moderated discussion list there is on marketing, promotion and income generation. All the content of the Digest is contributed by an active readership, and you are able to participate in this in many ways:

- responding to articles and comments

- contributing articles and comments

- reviewing other reader's websites

- requesting review of your website

With more than 25,000 readers, the Digest is a valuable forum for learning and introducing yourself to others pursuing online business activities.

You can visit the Digest archives - and see for yourself! Here:


All newsletter publishers are looking for content for their newsletter, including ours. Having a different approach from other subscribers is a great learning experience for all.

Everybody is on a learning curve, even the gurus, it keeps you sharp and in the know. Also, it provides resources that nobody has heard about or even seen.

Remember, the internet is global. Many people from different walks of life are looking for ways to work from home. Get those articles out there for people to see.

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